5 tips to care for new sod after installation

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DNU Bayside Sod Zoysia YardIf you are considering a new lawn, this is a great time for sod installation. If you have recently had new sod installed, congratulations!

Whether you are still deciding or are even now admiring your beautiful new lawn, there are some things you want to keep in mind. When you choose to invest in premium quality sod from Bayside Sod, you’ll be happy to know that we arm you with helpful tips regarding the establishment of your new lawn.

To ensure your lawn thrives and stays healthy, it’s essential to take good care of it, especially during the crucial period after installation. So, let’s walk through some key tips to establish a lush, green lawn successfully.

1. Watering
Watering is the most critical aspect of caring for new sod after installation. Ensuring an adequate and consistent amount of moisture is essential to give your lawn the best chance of survival, especially during hot weather conditions. In the first week after installation, your lawn will need water every day. After one week, decrease the frequency to every other day, then every three days for the following week. After three weeks, water your lawn twice a week.

It’s important to water your sod early in the morning or late in the evening, as these are the coolest times of the day, minimizing evaporation and maximizing water absorption. A general rule of thumb is to apply one inch of water per week (remember to account for rain). However, overwatering can be detrimental and cause your lawn’s roots to become weak, leading to disease and fungal growth.

2. Mowing
Mowing is an important part of sod maintenance as it helps to keep the grass at an acceptable height while also promoting growth. But in the first couple of weeks after installation, avoid mowing the lawn, as the roots are still being established, and mowing can be detrimental. Once the sod has firmly rooted, you can mow your new sod, but always make sure the blades are sharp and set at a height of about 2.5 to 3 inches to avoid stressing or damaging the grass.

Never remove more than one-third of the grass blade length at any one time, and always bag the grass clippings if they are too long or clumped together, as they can prevent sunlight and moisture from reaching the soil. It’s also essential to alternate mowing patterns regularly to avoid matting of the grass and soil compaction.

3. Weed Control
New sod is vulnerable to weed growth, as it’s still establishing and competing with other plants for nutrients and water. To prevent weeds from taking over your lawn, use pre-emergent herbicides a few weeks after installation if necessary. We highly recommend partnering with a professional chemical spray company to ensure the ongoing health and care of your lawn. These experts possess the knowledge and resources needed to provide continuous support for your lawn’s needs. If you require assistance in finding a reliable chemical spray company, our team at Bayside Sod will be happy to offer recommendations tailored to your specific requirements.

4. Pets
We understand that your pets are cherished members of your family, and it’s natural for them to be curious about your newly installed sod. However, we advise keeping your furry family members off the fresh turf until it is fully established. During the initial weeks after installation, the sod is delicate and its root system is still developing beneath the surface. Pets running and playing on the new sod can cause stress and damage to the young grass, and your new sod will be more susceptible to damage from urine, hindering its ability to take root and thrive.

5. Avoid High Traffic
While new sod is resilient, it needs time to fully establish its root system. Avoid heavy foot traffic, especially in the first two to three weeks after installation. Excessive weight and constant movement on the fragile sod can cause damage and inhibit the roots’ growth. If pathways or specific areas are subjected to frequent use, consider using stepping stones or temporary walkways to protect the young turf until it has fully settled in.

Installing new sod can give your lawn an instant makeover, but the work doesn’t stop there. To maintain your lawn’s beauty, it’s essential to follow these care tips. Remember, at Bayside Sod, we are always here to answer your questions to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams!

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