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Competitive pricing paired with unmatched availability, timely delivery, predictable supply, reliability, and flexible payment terms.

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Guaranteed the Highest Quality Sod Near You

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your sod upon arrival, we will replace it or refund your money.
Bayside Sod stands behind its product and services. For install customers, we promise quality sod, professionally
installed. So much so that we do not collect payment until you are completely satisfied with your install. Delivery
customers and online orders, we have you covered as well. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your sod upon
arrival, we will replace it or refund your money. With a guarantee like that, you can rest easy when choosing Bayside

Large Landscapers

We know Quality Sod is king! But availability, delivery, predictability, reliability, and terms of payment all need to be provided at a competitive price as well.

At Bayside Sod, we specialize in serving the unique needs of large landscapers who tackle extensive common ground work and seek not just a supplier but a reliable partner in creating vibrant, green landscapes. Understanding the scale and complexity of your projects, we offer not only the finest quality sod directly from our multi-generation family farm but also a suite of services designed to streamline your operations. Our turn-key installation solutions mean you can focus on the broader aspects of your projects, leaving the meticulous task of sod installation to our skilled team. This, coupled with our commitment to flexibility in delivery and pick-up options, ensures that your projects proceed without a hitch, irrespective of their size or scope.

Recognizing the critical nature of timing and financial planning in large-scale landscaping projects, Bayside Sod provides tailored support to fit your business model. We pride ourselves on offering flexible payment terms, recognizing that our large landscaping clients benefit from such adaptability to manage cash flow effectively. Furthermore, our logistical prowess ensures prompt, accurate, and reliable delivery directly to your job sites, offering the predictability and reliability you need. For those moments when timing is everything, the option to pick up your sod directly from our store adds an additional layer of flexibility, ensuring that you always have access to the high-quality sod your projects demand.

Our relationship with you goes beyond a simple transaction; it's a partnership built on a foundation of trust and a shared commitment to excellence. At Bayside Sod, your satisfaction is our priority, underscored by our bold guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the quality of your sod upon arrival, we will replace it or refund your money, ensuring you never have to compromise on quality. This commitment to quality, backed by our freshness guarantee and professional installation promise, allows you to undertake large landscaping projects with confidence, knowing that Bayside Sod is by your side every step of the way. Let us take the burden of sod selection, installation, and logistical planning off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best—transforming spaces into beautiful landscapes.

Customer Feedback

Stopped here for a couple pieces of sod to fill in the spot under our old basketball hoop. Perfect size, perfect price. Try them out!

Paul C.

Very helpful! Explained any detail I asked and loaded my sod! Highly recommended.

William B.

Great sod, excellent people. I buy a few pieces to use as a putty patch on my lenai for my Pomeranians. Works great!

Laurie J.

Great sod, excellent people. I buy a few pieces to use as a putty patch on my lenai for my Pomeranians. Works great!

Luannie O.

I was interested in having new sod put down. Called for recommendations. Called me back immediately. Very patient. Very professional. Could not have been easier to work with. Highly recommend.

Lee B.

Why is Bayside Sod the Best Choice for Sod Near You?


At Bayside Sod, you're really in good hands.

Owned by Bayside Sod, we know the sod business and we stand by our products. You will get the best quality sod, backed with our freshness guarantee. Bayside Sod is a 5th generation family farm, we care about our products, and we care about you, our clients.

We Grow: Quality Product Direct From Farm

We Install: Turn-key solutions for our customers

We Guarantee: If you are not satisfied you will not pay - See Guarantee language below

Push It!

We strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. We embrace change that comes with growth and we believe in growing our skills and as a person. We commit to being reliable, trustworthy and accountable.

Quality for Your Mama

Our saying is, "if you wouldn’t provide the product or service to your mother, don’t bring it to a customer. We have committed to high standards in all we do and follow best-of-breed company processes to ensure
high quality results.

We Care in this House

We help each other win & hold co-workers accountable. All of us are here for more
than a paycheck. We foster strong relationships with each other, with vendors, with partners, and with customers,

Which Sod Variety Is Right For You?

Bahia, Bermuda, Bitterblue, EMPIRE® Zoysia, Floratam St. Augustine, ProVista and More....

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