Tiffany Baily

CEO/Visionary & Co-owner
Tiffany Bailey serves as the Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of Bayside Sod Inc. With a rich heritage rooted in the company's founding by her father, Jack Bispham, Tiffany assumed ownership, leveraging her lifelong immersion in the family business to propel Bayside Sod to new heights.

Drawing from formative experiences in the industry, Tiffany has cultivated a steadfast commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service. Her visionary leadership, coupled with an unwavering dedication to quality, has been instrumental in shaping Bayside Sod's evolution into a trusted cornerstone of the turfgrass sector.
Tiffany actively engages with esteemed organizations such as the Florida Turfgrass Producers, Florida Turfgrass Association, and Florida Nursery and Landscapers Association, where she contributes her expertise and insights to advance industry standards. Additionally, she serves on the board of the Tampa Bay Chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization, fostering collaborative initiatives to drive entrepreneurial excellence within the community.

Complementing her role as CEO, Tiffany believes in the transformative power of personal growth and endeavors to instill this ethos within her company culture. She champions initiatives aimed at fostering continuous learning and development among her team, recognizing that by striving to be their best, they can collectively make a positive impact in their lives and in the lives of others.

Tiffany's exemplary leadership and professional achievements have garnered acclaim, earning her recognition from esteemed publications such as the Tampa Bay Business Journal and The Business Observer. Honored as one of the region's "40 under 40" by both publications, Tiffany stands as a testament to her exceptional contributions and leadership within the business community.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Tiffany finds fulfillment in her role as a devoted wife to her husband, Tyson Bailey, and as a loving mother to their three children. Her unwavering dedication to both family and business epitomizes her holistic approach to life and leadership.

Mark Royce

Head of Sales & Co-owner
At Bayside Sod, where the ethos of quality and customer satisfaction runs deep, Mark Royce stands as a testament to these values. As Vice President of Sales for many years, Mark brings a vibrant, outgoing personality and a "willing to help" mindset that permeates through every interaction. His approach is not just about solving problems but doing so with a creative flair that benefits both the company and its clients. Mark's unique career trajectory, transitioning from a role in law enforcement to mastering the realms of sales and customer service, imbues him with a distinct blend of discipline, empathy, and a deep-rooted desire to serve and protect community interests.

A self-proclaimed "people person," Mark thrives on forging connections and devising out-of-the-box solutions to challenges. His passion isn't limited to just solving problems; he finds immense joy in nurturing growth and witnessing the success of others, be it colleagues or clients. This ability to cultivate a supportive and innovative environment makes him an effective leader, one who creates a space where voices are heard, ideas are respected, and concerns are addressed with genuine attention.

Mark's guiding principle is simple yet profound: treat others as you, or your family, would like to be treated. This golden rule has been the cornerstone of his professional journey, enabling him to build and maintain enduring relationships with customers. It's a philosophy that not only reflects the core values of Bayside Sod but also enriches the company's culture and service ethos.

Away from the office, Mark dedicates his time to his young family, embracing the great outdoors with enthusiasm. Whether it's cheering on at soccer fields or exploring nature through camping, he and his family seize every opportunity to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Mark's love for the outdoors is not just a personal passion but a reflection of his appreciation for growth, vitality, and the nurturing environment that Bayside Sod stands for.

Jeff Murphy

Chief Operating Officer/Integrator
Jeff Murphy is the Integrator/Chief Operating Officer of Bayside Sod, Inc., and he joined the company in that role in February 2022. Prior to that, Jeff owned and operated his own business, United Sales Solutions, where he provided Fractional Sales Leadership services to small to mid-sized business. This is how he connected with Bayside Sod as they were a client of his business. Prior to that, Jeff spent 30+ year in corporate America in the Telecommunications industry with roles varying from engineering to sales executive leadership and many others in between.

While working with Bayside Sod when they were his client, Jeff fell in love with the people and culture of Bayside Sod and approached Tiffany indicating that he believed he could help them grow by bringing additional structure, discipline, and accountability to the organization. Tiffany and the rest of the Leadership Team agreed, bringing Jeff in as the first “non-family” member of the Leadership Team. While at Bayside Sod, Jeff has led multiple initiatives that have improved the health of the company, including the implementation of Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) which has resulted in improved processes, a better understanding of how the business is operating/performing, and a shared vision by all, just to name a few. Jeff is a charismatic leader, and he is passionate about modeling sound leadership and management abilities, which help drive accountability across the organization.

Jeff’s goal for Bayside Sod is to ensure that the entire organization lives out our purpose of giving our best everyday, which will be observed by others in the way Bayside Sod goes beyond the norm to deliver elevated results through quality turf products & services to our customers.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and adult children, one of which is currently employed with the company. Jeff is also avid sports fan and do not be surprised if you see him and his wife, in a local brewery in the area. With the competitiveness that Tampa Bay Bucs, Rays, and Lightning bring year-after-year, Jeff feels there is no other place to be then right here in the Tampa Bay area as a professional sports fan. He also says, if you can have a cold local beer in your hand while watching one of those teams, even better.

Evan Stobbs

Head of Logistics & Service Ops
Evan Stobbs-Bultema is the embodiment of the calm and relaxed demeanor that often characterizes effective leaders. As the Head of Logistics & Service Ops at Bayside Sod, Evan brings many years of dedicated service to a role that sits at the heart of the company's promise to deliver quality and satisfaction. Outside the office, Evan enjoys the tranquility of the golf course, the competitive spirit of softball, and the strategic complexities of poker. These hobbies not only reflect his diverse interests but also complement his approach to leadership and team management.

In leading his team, Evan emphasizes empowerment and autonomy, allowing team members to take charge within their domains. This approach fosters a strong sense of ownership and accountability, crucial traits for a company that prides itself on quality and customer satisfaction. His leadership is also characterized by a commitment to clear and open communication. Evan understands the importance of setting clear expectations, communicating changes promptly, and encouraging an environment where dialogue is welcomed. By actively listening and being approachable, he ensures that his team feels supported and valued.

What truly sets Evan apart as a leader is his exceptional communication skills paired with a steadfast sense of accountability. These qualities not only make him an effective leader but also mirror the values of Bayside Sod—a company that stands firmly behind its products and services. With Evan Stobbs-Bultema at the helm of Logistics & Service Ops, clients and team members alike can rest assured that they are in good hands, underscored by a promise of quality, satisfaction, and trust.

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